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Branding, Design & Dev Jan 28, 2023

Greening the Web: Transforming PSPK's Environmental Mission into a Digital Oasis of Hope and Action.


Branding & Logo Designing, Online Donation System, Wordpress Blog, Gallery Management


Environmental Conservation, Sustainability, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)


Pahari Samaj Paryavarani Kawach

Dive into the digital transformation journey with PSPK, a visionary environmental organization in North India. Witness the fusion of earthy design and cutting-edge technology as I breathe life into their mission, empowering them with a robust online presence, and propelling environmental action into the digital age.

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Crafting PSPK's Digital Identity – Simplicity at a Glance

The challenge was to reshape PSPK's online presence, infusing simplicity with a personal touch. From refining logos to crafting a welcoming user interface, each step aimed at creating an atmosphere that resonates with individual supporters. Explore the journey that invites people into the heart of the environmental mission.

Going Green Online - Future Ready Solutions

The task at hand was to shape PSPK's online future with a focus on sustainability and simplicity. I dedicated efforts to create a responsive website, streamline blog management, and design a versatile admin panel. This story unfolds the seamless integration of digital innovation and eco-consciousness, showcasing how technology harmoniously supports environmentalism for a lasting impact.

Establishing a User-Friendly Online Donation System

My task was to make PSPK's online hub user-friendly. I wanted people to easily connect, learn, and contribute to environmental causes. I focused on creating a welcoming website with a hassle-free donation option. Now, supporting PSPK is just a click away, making it simple for anyone to contribute and make a difference. Whether you're passionate about conservation or just want to lend a hand, the secure online donation feature ensures that every contribution, no matter how small, has a big impact on our environment.


I, Atul Kaushik (Major General), extend my heartfelt appreciation to Deepak for his exceptional work on our project. His dedication, precision, and innovative approach were evident throughout. The digital transformation not only met but exceeded our expectations, enhancing our ability to champion environmental causes effectively.

Deepak's professionalism and commitment reflect his high standards, making him an invaluable asset. The website, with its myriad features, stands as a testament to Deepak's skill in creating a user-friendly platform that is easy to manage and use. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a seamless and impactful digital presence.

In conclusion, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Deepak. Aligned with PSPK's commitment to enhancing awareness and preventing damages to our precious forests and wildlife, let's strive together for a future where nature is valued beyond mere exploitation and profit. Inspired by our shared dedication, let's continue fostering change and contributing to a healthier, greener world.

Atul Kaushik, Retired Major General
Atul Kaushik, Retired Major General CEO - Pahari Samaj Paryavarani Kawach

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