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Design & Development Jun 01, 2021

Revolutionising Interview Prep! A Case Study on InterviewBuddy's Seamless Booking Experience.


Website Development, Web Design, Admin Panel Development


Online Education, Interviews



InterviewBuddy™, a leader in virtual mock interviews. My aim was to create an engaging, user-friendly website. This involved translating meticulously crafted designs into dynamic web pages and developing interactive features, including intuitive forms, streamlined booking, and a dual payment gateway.

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Seamless User Experience Enhancement

My primary goal in this project was to enhance the user experience by translating meticulously crafted Figma designs into interactive and visually appealing web pages. The focus was on attention to detail to ensure that the aesthetic elements seamlessly integrated with a user-friendly interface, creating an engaging and immersive experience for visitors.

Robust Website Development with Dynamic Features

The second objective involved the development of a robust and dynamic website, incorporating interactive forms, a streamlined booking system, resume upload functionality, a coupon acceptance system, and a dual payment gateway (Razorpay for domestic transactions and PayPal for international customers). The aim was to provide users with a comprehensive platform for scheduling mock interviews, submitting information, and making secure payments with ease.

Versatile Admin Panel for Efficient Management

In the final phase, I aimed to develop a versatile admin panel that empowers administrators to efficiently manage the platform. This included features such as pricing control for dynamic adjustments, content and image management to customize the website's appearance and messaging. The objective was to provide administrators with the tools necessary for seamless control and adaptability.


I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your exceptional work on our landing page's software development. Your design expertise in creating elegant solutions based on brief feature descriptions is truly commendable.

While I feel your services come at a premium, I firmly believe that the quality of your work justifies the investment. Your ability to delve into the intricacies of well-described concepts and developing them showcases your strong technical skill. It instills confidence, knowing that I can rely on your expertise without getting to hear the "not feasible to develop" roadblock. Additionally, your practice of summarizing and sharing your understanding with us ensures that the Scope of Work aligns precisely with our expectations, leaving little room for ambiguity.

Furthermore, your consistent punctuality in delivering results on time enhances the overall reliability of our partnership. Working with you has been a thoroughly professional experience, and I eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration in the upcoming projects, confident that your exceptional work will be delivered.

Abhishek Hari
Abhishek Hari Product Manager - InterviewBuddy™

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